WOW! Just, WOW!

I’m blown away!

I’m speechless!

I am humbled and thankful.

4 months ago we were all in some way or another effected by the pandemic that struck. Good, bad or indifferent it’s effected us all. For myself personally and for The Sip, it has been a worrying, stressful and heart wrenching time. I publicly voiced these concerns and the response I received both personally and for The Sip was overwhelming!

I’m not a person who tends to put on other people, or someone who voices concerns or opinions. Even though I have a very public facing business I’m very private and reserved. I prefer to listen, to support and offer my help, not my opinion. However these past 3 months I’ve realised that sometimes you have to ask for help. Sometimes you need to share things. Sometime I need support.

Luckily for me I have an amazing family and friends. My customers, who 3 years ago I didn’t even know, are now, not just customers, you’re true friends for life. Not only did you all come out in numbers to help and support, but you gave me the kick up the backside I needed.

Fast forward to 3 weeks ago and The Sip was allowed to re-open. It was not just a momentous occasion for the sip, the Sip clubs and all you lovely customers. It was momentous for myself personally. I get to do what I love again. Standing behind 2 feet of timber bar, pouring amazing beers, whilst listening, sharing stories and laughing with everyone once again, whilst providing a safe place, a welcoming environment for us all to do just that. For the past 3 weeks I’ve had a permanent grin on my face every-time I step through that Sip door.

You have all come into The Sip safely and sensibly, adapting to the new ways and being patient and as supportively helpful as ever. The ones who can’t come in or are still unsure, have not only messaged their personal best wishes to myself, but they have helped, Not just through continued online beer purchases, but with support, kind wishes and friendship.

As I started this quick thank you and I really do mean THANK YOU, to each and every one of you. I am also humbled, to be surrounded by so many amazing people. I hope we can continue to grow this community. I have many amazing ideas for The Sip community and business, that with all your help we can develop it into an even more amazing place, for many more like minded people, like yourselves, for many years to come. Exciting times ahead.

Thank you