The Sip family – part1

April was a special month for the Sip. It’s our birthday month, this year we are 3 years old, but the celebrations have taken a back seat this year. So I would like to celebrate you, lovely lot from the past 3 years.

In April 2017 the Sips doors swung open for a sip pre-opening of just the bottle shop, before we opened as a bar. In walked two Gents who had been ‘tweeting’ me virtually every week since we put the famous #SIP banner above the door in the January. They were so excited by the prospect of a craft beer bottleshop and bar opening in their town, they couldn’t wait to get through the door.

I had never met these gents before, and our only discussions had been on Twitter, however when they walked in, we hit it off instantly. The 2 of them looked like brothers I was quickly assured they weren’t? However they had grown up together and certainly have some stories to share with us over the last 3 years, along with some new ones to add to their repertoire. They are both now an integral part of the Sip family, they are integrated into the very fabric of the sip clubs and what the Sip stands for. Both epitomise the Sip running club, not only on a fitness level, having transformed their fitness and physical appearance since running with the Sip. Oggy’s humbling drive, determination and commitment is passed on to everyone he runs with and meets. While Dave Royle’s drive and humour, puts everyone at ease, no matter if he’s running, playing football for Sip FC or stood at the bar with a Peachy IPA in his hand. When they both get together they keep us all entertained with their infectious laughter and quick humour. They are both not only fantastic customers, they are great friends.

During that first weekend of the sip opening, we were fortunate to be paid a visit by some curious looking chaps. There were 4 or 5 of them, stood in front of the fridges (before they moved) they enquired about the beers and they bought a round or 2, chatted amongst themselves and then went on their way. We didn’t see them again for a couple of weeks, until one Thursday during our first month they returned, this time there wasn’t just 4-5, there was 10 or 12 of them.

Thirsty Thursday lads! Every Thursday for the past 7 or 8 years this group of gents have met up for a midweek drink, to have a good chat and enjoy each other’s company. They all shared a passion for beer, which was spurred on further by their resident Scouser, and self professed German beer aficionado Don. Who also moonlighted as the groups travel Co-ordinator on their many long weekends away, mainly to Germany.

This group of fantastic gents, comprising of Don, Paul, Mark C, Dudley, Ray, Kev, Steve F, Clarkey, Mark K, Roy. Were also accompanied by their sons and friends Callum, Tom Gleds, Tom Ash, Ali, Robbo.

As you can imagine with such a large group there isn’t just one story, or tale to epitomise their importance within the Sip family. Their individual presence is as important as their group as a whole. To be honest I could write a book about this group, to keep you all entertained, as they have kept me entertained over the last 3 years. As this series of blogs unfolds, each of their stories will be told, because each and every one of them I consider my friend, as much in the Sip as out of it.

So as you guessed it, this blog series will run for many more months, and we will dip in and out of the fantastic customers that have crossed the famous Sip threshold, and continue to cross that threshold once the door re-opens.

Thank you for reading and continuing to support The Sip and all we stand for.